Apple’s simplicity of ‘Airplay’ feature was to stream audio or video from an iOS device to another device over a network is well regarded. Well, this has been recently expended to ‘Airplay 2’, where you can now combine multiple endpoint devices into the high-resolution stream, not just one!

Now you can group individual zones and control the volume output… its party time. Airplay 2 also unlocks Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, to be summoned and play music in a particular zone. Your living room 5.1 system now can seamlessly synchronise to compatible endpoints such as Lithe Audio powered speakers in the kitchen. With individual volume it’s not overly loud in one pocket, but equally spread over the entertaining areas. And if you need to, crank up a certain pocket more! Also compatible is Anthem’s PlayFI on their range of AVR’s and PRE’s, this simple & seamless control will take the pressure off organising your next memorable party into a success!