Canada has a pedigree of audiophiles and engineering, Paradigm leading innovation with speaker design. The ART or Active Ridge Technology has been added to the CI Pro and CI Elite range of speakers. The ribbed surround is over-molded on to the cone to prevent distortion by 50%, this type of construction also allows for +3dB more output with greater excursion…. To get 3dB usually you need 2x the amplification power! Standard driver surrounds are unreliable rubber, glued or otherwise adhered to the driver and the chassis. Move too far too fast, and you risk a cone-destroying breach.

Paradigm’s patented† Active Ridge Technology (ART) surrounds are “over-molded” directly onto the driver cones and made of audiophile-grade injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer.

This more durable, more tenacious union between driver and chassis allows for a much greater excursion with no chance of a breach, ensuring a long life of high performance.