Late 2019 in an effort to show off its 40-year loudspeaker design prowess into the ‘built-in-market’ Martin Logan released the “Statement” line of Custom Install (CI) speakers. Years of development, countless Ph.D. hours trial and testing spawned the concept of the XT Obsidian folded motion tweeter. This unique tweeter is a miracle of modern audio engineering by folding lightweight thin-film diagram into a much larger space. When folded, it produces 10x the surface area of a traditional soft dome tweeter. This type of industrial design closely mimics the way that a musical instrument works. This all adds up to the most polite sounding tweeter that you have ever heard, its good manners derive from its native lighting fast response time. The controlled dispersion enables the cinema designer to place the listening position over a wider space & deliver an audible bandwidth that is aurally astonishing.