In Hollywood there is a person called a compressionist, you got to feel for this guy. They compress the full resolution 1000 GB (gigabyte) video so that it can be compressed down for distribution content being UHD Bluray (approx. 80GB), standard Bluray (approx., 25GB), DVD (approx. 8.5 GB) and various streaming formats, which can be 16GB (7GB per hour)

There is a huge compression here, the movie is just 5% of its formal self! Sony’s pedigree in broadcast, production, and studios enables them to be an influencer of this compression, developing intelligent algorithms to compress. If the craft is known to compress, then logically it can be applied to the decompression! Every Sony PRO Bravia and Sony Native 4K projector comes complete with Sony’s own X1 Ultimate chip. The collective knowledge of decompression is built into an extraordinary database making the most of your display. Every pixel and every frame is faithfully restored in a way that only Sony knows with its experience. So as yourself, do other brands have THAT MUCH knowledge to decompress and maximise your entertainment?