Our most popular Luxman product to date is the 509x, although very much modern, you will be hard-pressed to decern the visual consistency of the Luxman vintage. All of their designs are as authentically distinct on the outside as they are on the inside, right down to the circuit boards. The 509x is no exception. Boasting is retro flair with iconic dual VU meters it faithfully reproduces the most natural sound possible with 120 watts per channel. A quarter of its weight is taken up from the Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con 600VA EI-core-type power transformer ensuring any peak is covered with the headroom of power. This amplifier is so transparent in fact it’s been said to be  ”big, solid, spatially natural” “ excellent touch and texture and impact” reviewers have defined this as an electronic emotion tear-jerker that reproduces music extra-ordinarily. No wonder it’s our most popular line of Luxman. So treat yourself and the next generation that will likely inherit this outstanding unit.