Paradigm Founder Series Floorstand speaker

Aluminum Magnesium Ceramic (AL-MAC™) High Frequency Driver:

Founder’s tweeter is made lighter and stronger with our special combination of Aluminum, Magnesium, and Ceramic materials. It has a natural resistance to uncontrolled resonance that makes it far more accurate and responsive than other designs. It doesn’t just sound good on paper, it performs in the real world.

AL-MAC high frequency driver
AL-MAC high frequency driver

Aluminum Magnesium (AL-MAG™) Midrange Driver:

Founder’s midrange driver is developed with listener sensitivity in mind. The midrange is in many ways, the most important driver of any speaker design because it produces the most familiar sounds like the human voice. By using Aluminum and Magnesium, we’ve improved its realism and accuracy.

Ultra-High-Excursion CARBON-X Unibody Bass Driver:

To maintain clarity in the lowest frequencies, we’ve created an ultra-stiff, ultra-strong bass driver made from mineral-infused carbon fiber. It’s molded in a single piece to maintain control at the highest volumes. Combined with our patented ART Surround, it is both detailed and powerful.

AL-MAC high frequency driver
AL-MAC high frequency driver

Oblate Spherical Waveguide (OSW™):

Our research into the evolution of modern home interiors led us to create the OSW™ Waveguide. This uniquely shaped part is used in Founder’s tweeter and midrange drivers. By maintaining sonic focus on the listening area, less sound bleeds to the sides where it can be colored by reflective surfaces. This makes Founder perfect for large, open-plan rooms with reflective surfaces like windows and hardwood floors. OSW™ gives you better sound where you want it, and less distracting sound where you don’t. Real solutions for real life.

Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Lens:

To protect Founder’s tweeter and midrange driver cones, we developed the Perforated Phase Aligning (PPA™) Lens. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also ensures that all frequencies reach the listener’s ears at the same time. This adds to Founder’s realistic and precise presentation. It also makes them ideal for listening from farther away without losing sound quality and detail to the room.

AL-MAC high frequency driver
AL-MAC high frequency driver

Cascade Fusion Bracing:

Speaker cabinets should be seen and not heard. To ensure that the driver’s output is entirely uncolored, we developed Cascade Fusion Bracing. This proprietary manufacturing technique utilizes a reinforced and sealed longitudinal brace with cascading supports, which serves as our cabinet’s foundation. The ‘skin’ or ‘sleeve’ is then wrapped and fused to form an ultra-rigid grid-style enclosure, free from unwanted resonance and vibration. You have to un-hear it to believe it.

Advanced Shock-Mount™ System:

To lower distortion and further maximize driver performance, we’ve created the Advanced Shock-Mount System™ for both the driver mounting hardware and the cabinet feet. Drivers are mechanically isolated from the front baffle and feet are decoupled from the enclosure. That way, no vibration is transmitted from driver to cabinet, or cabinet to driver, or between the cabinet and the floor. The feet can even be adjusted from above, without moving or tipping the speaker making sure you get a perfectly level footing on any surface. Interchangeable hardware is included for both carpeted and hardwood floors.

AL-MAC high frequency driver
AL-MAC high frequency driver

ARC Genesis:

We’ve spent decades refining our class-leading Anthem Room Correction (ARC), into its latest iteration, ARC Genesis. Over that time, we’ve collected thousands of data points to learn just how rooms and speakers interact. Today, we can use ARC Genesis to all but eliminate the harmful effects of your room, maximizing performance to create a cleaner, more accurate sound in any listening environment. Learn how we’ve leverage this award-winning technology in our new Founder flagship! it.


Detail, clarity, accuracy, fidelity – these are words often thrown around to indicate the quality of sound, but what of the quantity? Recreating a live performance takes dynamics, or the ability to recreate quiet sounds, loud sounds, and everything in between. Let’s look at how the Founder Series recreates the broadest and most powerful dynamics.

Increasing Useable Output by Decreasing Distortion:

Speakers that can truly “play loud” do so because they have no audible distortion. Distortion is what makes a speaker harsh and fatiguing. Founder’s technologies eliminate these unwanted elements so you can turn up the volume. With greater usable output, Founder can not only reproduce the subtlest nuances, it can rock out when you want it to.

AL-MAC high frequency driver
AL-MAC high frequency driver

High Output, High-Efficiency Components:

“Power Is Nothing Without Control.” This famous quote is behind everything we do. All driver components are designed for maximum power handling and high output. High power density magnets, high excursion cone surrounds, and multi-layered voice coils work in concert to create the broadest possible dynamic spectrum. Fluid-cooled tweeters keep everything composed during the most demanding musical passages or intense action scenes. Our driver designs have increased usable cone area while remaining the same size as competing products. More output and less bulk can only be a good thing.

Bi-Amp capable + Hybrid Design:

All models in the Founder series can be Bi-amped or Bi-wired to make the most of your electronics’ power delivery. Our flagship model includes an internal 1000-watt amplifier powering three massive bass drivers. This leaves your system’s power amps free to control midrange and high frequencies with less effort. It also allowed us to integrate ARC Genesis to tune the bass independently from the rest of the system. This lets the user employ any brand of electronics they wish. But we know they’ll make the correct choice and make it an Anthem.

AL-MAC high frequency driver
When Art Embraces Science
Anything is possible

Founder 40B

Standmount Speaker

There is a lot to love here in such a compact package. With almost every technology featured in the larger floor standing models, the 40B standmount is the perfect way to experience the magic of Founder Series with a minimal footprint. Available in 4 gorgeous finishes, the 40B is the perfect way to add beautiful sound and looks to any space.

Founder 70LCR

Left | Center | Right Speaker

There is a lot to love here in such a compact package. With almost every technology featured in the larger floor-standing models, the 40B standmount is the perfect way to experience the magic of Founder Series with a minimal footprint. Available in 4 gorgeous finishes, the 40B is the perfect way to add beautiful sound and looks to any space.

Founder 90C

Center Channel Speaker

The most ideal center channel is to use the same speaker as the Front Left and Right channels. This is not always practical, especially when towers are being used. The Founder 90C was designed to capture the overall performance, dynamics, and realism of the larger tower models, but in a design that is more practical to use underneath a TV or screen.

Founder 80F

Floorstanding Speaker

Barely taking up over 1 square foot of floorspace, the 80F is an incredibly approachable entry point into the world of high-end sound. Containing every new Founder Series technology in our repertoire, the 80F is a stunning, premium loudspeaker that can outperform many larger, and more expensive, models. The 80F allows you to experience the dynamics and scale that a tower is capable of while still being comparatively unimposing in a room. The 80F: Maximum Performance, Minimal Footprint.

Founder 100F

Floorstanding Speaker

The 100F takes the design of the 80F to the next level. We added more bass drivers, larger woofers, and a dedicated midrange to a cabinet that is only slightly larger than the smallest 80F. More bass, improved dynamics, and increased clarity and realism. For those desiring an even better experience, the 100F is the perfect choice.

Founder 120H

Hybrid Floorstanding Speaker

The new flagship, you need to see and hear this!