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First Native 4K Home Projector

What is Native 4K?

8.8 Million pixels | 4096 x 2160

Excellent 4K Resolution | 3 x 0.74″ Native 4K SXRD High Contrast image panel

See the true picture in 4K

At Sony we’ve been at the cutting edge of Digital Cinema for over a decade, since launching the world’s first 4K integrated projection system in 2005. And today you’ll find our cinematic heritage in our Home Cinema projectors that use the same 4K SXRD™ panel technology featured in our professional Digital Cinema projectors that you’ll find in movie theatres all over the world.

When cinema projection went digital, Sony‘s Digital Cinema’s quality was approved by DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) in Hollywood, where the requirements for picture quality are set at a very high standard. Right from the start, Sony was the only manufacturer building 4K projectors with 4096×2160 resolution, while others stuck with lower-resolution 2K. This insistence on quality meant that cinemas wanting to screen movies with the highest possible picture quality quickly chose Sony 4K.

4K was just one of Sony’s Digital Cinema innovations. We developed our own unique panel technology, ensuring the highest possible contrast ratio. And that’s crucial in movie theatres, where films are shown in a dark environment.

This 4K SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) panel device is what made Sony Digital Cinema projectors very unique, bringing audiences the best possible picture quality in thousands of theatres worldwide. And today, Sony brings these same technologies to our family of 4K SXRD Home Cinema projectors. Now it’s time to enjoy the best picture quality in 4K resolution with the best contrast in your home.

So if it isn’t Native what is it?

Texas Instruments DLP – equally amazing technology, but there are 3 variants of imaging panels…


This chip professes 4K, using pixel shifting wobbulation or high-frequency switching in 4 directions at 240Hz to quadrupal pixels to create 4K. Its native pixel array is 1920 x 1080 as listed on the manufacture specifications


This econimic chip only needs to high frequency switch in 2 directions at 120Hz, a lower frequency  flicker than its 1080p counterpart. Enhancing, or simulating 4K


The native larger chip is only availbile in premium projecrors that are $50,000 or more as a single

Uncompromising picture quality

Ultimately, it’s the quality of any projector’s entire optical system that determines just how good those pictures look when they’re projected on screen. And there are no such compromises with the advanced SXRD panels inside Sony’s 4K Home Cinema projectors.

Approved for full-scale theatrical presentation in cinemas, this SXRD panel uses the same technology you’ll find in our professional 4K cinema projectors. Unlike ordinary LCD projectors, each of the three separate red, green and blue panels are reflective rather than transmissive.

That means that light inside the projector bounces off each panel, rather than passing through it before reaching the lens. This results in superb 4K images with an excellent native contrast ratio. And it also avoids the undesirable ‘screen door’ effect that’s looks like a mesh of fine lines between each separate pixel. It’s a common issue with the LCD panels used in ordinary data/business projectors – and you won’t see it with SXRD.

Refuse compromise on the best pictures

With Sony, there’s a mandate not to cut corners with our Home Cinema projectors. And every 4K SXRD projector in our range delivers exactly what it promises: true 4K Ultra HD images, bursting with rich detail, colour and contrast for a spectacular entertainment experience.