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Interconnect Cables


High-Quality 7.3 mm, 75Ω coaxial interconnect cable with a double screen and a solid core. The core and the screen are made from pure silver-coated OFC. The insulation is made of HULLIFLEX® with a cream colour.


Excellent multi-award-winning balanced hybrid metal and Linear Structured Carbon® interconnect. With characteristic yellow-orange durable HULLIFLEX® jacket. To be used as a single cable, a stereo pair or as 6 leads AV-sets. Available as RCA or XLR

Integration Hybrid

Being the first member of our state of the art FUSION SERIES of audio interconnects, The INTEGRATION HYBRID is a triple shielded quadruple core audio interconnect suitable for both balanced and unbalanced use. the two stranded metal cores have been replaced by four stranded “Fusion Technology” conductors in a so-called star-quad configuration. Available as RCA or XLR

First Ultimate MKII

The centre conductor is made of Linear Structured Carbon®. Outer braiding, functioning as screen and signal return, is made of 6 layers of braided LSC fibers. With durable light yellow HULLIFLEX® jacket.

The Rock Hybrid

The 3T The Rock Hybrid is at the moment our most popular balanced interconnect. The centre conductors are each made of 12 x 3T conductors: 1 x 400 micron surrounded by 11 x 150 micron, In total covered with an extra L.S.C. coating. The 3 layer shielding is a combination of 2 layers made of heavy silver coated copper strands and 1 layer of L.S.C. Available as RCA or XLR

Digital Interconnects

The DigiCoupler 75 Ohm

An on special request constructed very low radiation digital interconnect. An amazing 126 dB radiation damping at 1 GHz and 84 dB damping at 4 GHz. The impedance is 75 Ohm +/- 0,5 Ohm till 4 GHz. The ideal electrical link between any 75 Ohm source and 75 Ohm load. Think about player-converter connections. This cable is also very perfect in XY-component, RGB and SVHS combinations. With durable gold tone HULLIFLEX® jacket.

The OptoCoupler MKII

Optical fibre cable never has any problems, caused by e.g. external electrical and/or magnetic interference. Optical fibre is free from any deterioration. Data transmission capacity: > 250 Megabit/second. Connector combinations available: Toslink – Toslink (T-T), Toslink – Miniplug (T-M), Miniplug – Miniplug (M-M)

Phono Interconnect

The Thames Hybrid

Twin lead with Hybrid 7 strand per lead version of our The ISIS twin lead coaxial cable with a very high flexibility and an extra steel-wire ground-lead / strainrelief in its centre. With durable dark red HULLIFLEX® outer jacket. Specifically designed to connect a turntable with the rest of the system.

Subwoofer Interconnect

Mini Sub Hybrid

The MINI SUB Hybrid typically has been designed as an active subwoofer cable. This cable is extremely flexible and has an attractive cream-coloured jacket that blends easily in any interior, making it very suitable for longer length subwoofer cable applications and all interconnections where there is a need for a very flexible, price-efficient cable. Available as RCA or XLR

Speaker Cables

VDH Twin

2 x 1.23 mm² diameter OFC lead speaker cable, specifically designed for installation projects. Also excellent for in-house applications. With either a transparent or red Hulliflex jacket. Available as either 50m or 100m rolls.


Flat twin-lead very flexible (AWG 14) loudspeaker cable with just one aim: the best quality sound transmission for the lowest price possible. With transparent durable HULLIFLEX® jacket. Usable connectors: B-122, BC-4.5 or D.I.Y. Available as either 50m or 100m rolls.

CS-122 Hybrid

Twin-lead version of the CS – 12 HF (2x AWG 12). Flat loudspeaker cable, with a L.S.C.® saturated coating around the two dense silver, coated very pure copper multistrand conductors. With a durable HULLIFLEX® cream jacket. Usable connectors: B-352, BC-6.5 or D.I.Y. Available as either 50m or 100m rolls.

D-352 Hybrid

High-quality twin-lead (2x AWG 10) flat loudspeaker cable with a L.S.C.® saturated coating around the two heavy silver coated multistrand copper conductors. With durable HULLIFLEX® jacket, brown metallic coloured with gold printing. Usable connectors: B-352, BC-8.3 or D.I.Y. Available per metre or on a 50m Roll

Magnum Hybrid

Heavy, very high quality flexible flat twin-lead (2x AWG 8) loudspeaker cable with a L.S.C.® saturated coating around the two silver coated multistrand copper conductors. In a nice dark-red durable HULLIFLEX® jacket. Usable connectors: BC-8.3, B-352. Available per metre or on a 50m Roll


BERRI Bus – 6.5 & 8.3mm

Heavy duty banana spade connector.

  • Universal modular (solder style) termination system for loudspeaker cables. (With no need for heat shrink sleeve (!))
  • 24 carat gold plated parts (inner bus and terminals) to maintain the contact quality over long periods of intensive use and to keep oxidation away. 
  • The banana and the angled spade (fork) screw-in terminals are WBT binding post fitting. Both offer excellent mating properties and minimal contact resistance.